Hikes and Hops

The best hikes and the best brews for you and your best buds

American Chestnut Land Trust & Mully’s Brewery

Prince Frederick, MD If you’re like us, you might not have ventured down into Southern Maryland very much. But this Hike & Hop is gonna change that! American Chestnut Land Trust is a huge nature reserve with so many unique trails to explore. Nearby is Mully’s Brewery, Southern Maryland’s first production brewery so they reallyContinue reading “American Chestnut Land Trust & Mully’s Brewery”

Beer Byte – August

MALT: The Backbone of Beer So we’ve already talked about hops, let’s get to the next main ingredient in beer: MALT! Okay so we need to clear something up first. Malt is actually a verb and a process but in the brew world it’s generally understood as the grain used in beer. It’s better toContinue reading “Beer Byte – August”

Rachel Carson Conservation Park & Elder Pine Brewing and Blending Co

Brookeville, MD This is not a drill! Brewery only 0.2 miles from the trailhead. I repeat, 0.2 MILES! Yup this is what beer hiking dreams are made of! Rachel Carson Greenway is a delightful little park in the Brookeville area that has fields, forests, and streams! But the best part is that Elder Pine BreweryContinue reading “Rachel Carson Conservation Park & Elder Pine Brewing and Blending Co”


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